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Monday, March 30, 2020 10:00 – 11:00 am CDT – speaker presentations and q/a 11:00 – 11:30 am CDT – Potential extension for real time audience q/a



       Jack Johannesson                          Dhruti Patel                                      Laura Pritchard        
        (BS Finance '19)                               (MEE '16)                                           (MBA '16)
        Windfree Solar                        Brookfield Properties                     Regional Manager 
         Presentation                                                                                            Presentation


        Colin Hendrickson                       Taylor Gendel                               Joe Bozeman 
               (MPH)                                           (MUPP)                                            (PhD)
          Presentation                                                                                        Presentation


The world and human society are currently fueled by the ravaging impacts of climate change that are impacting humans on a daily basis to identifying pathways towards a more sustainable and just future for all. Addressing climate impacts using an environmental justice lens leads to better solutions for all. The question many young people have is: How can I make a difference in my life and in my career to personally and professionally create a more just and sustainable future?

Between the world moving slowly towards  sustainable development and students being highly concerned about the world’s environmental problems, one tends to forget that changes in this world are not caused only by protesting or raising awareness but also by fostering them. What better way can one implement them other than through their jobs?

Spring 2020 SEES offers a platform for students to professional pathways that are clean, just and climate friendly. The event will bring UIC alumni from the last decade to speak to UIC students on achieving personal and professional sustainable and clean goals. These UIC alumni are enthusiasts of a sustainable future who practice what they preach through clean jobs in Illinois and   create change by directing professional actions towards current sustainable challenges we face today. Spring 2020 SEES will expand students’ eyes to career choices that meet personal and professional expectations, creates a sustainable UIC alumni network, and broadens the impact that current UIC students and alumni can have collectively.  For more information on both the expert panel and student sustainability research presentations, see Spring 2020 SEES.